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Made 10 drawings in a week

Posted by TheDoomcaster - 1 month ago

Held a small event over on twitter, where I'd draw peoples suggestions and ended up drawing ten of them before I decided to call it good and end the event. I hope to do another event like this in the future, and open it up to you all over here on Newgrounds too!

(most recent, to oldest)

Turns out skipping the lineart refining process I usually do saved me a lot of time. Usually takes me two days to finish something, instead of two in one day!

I know some of the colors could be a little better, as I was limited on time, but as for the line art, thoughts? I feel like I'm too picky with line quality, so some of these I'd deem a bit rough around the edges. I'd love to hear if everything looks alright, as I might end up trying to be a little looser with my lines if I can keep up the speed


Comments (2)

Never really played Hotline Miami, but that's the only one I can really judge at all cause I'm at least familiar with the design and artwork.

You did good man, looks exactly how I think of that game to look.

Just checked a few of those from that week. Clicked a few older ones to compare. And in my opinion, I think you might be wasting your time refining the lines. I think the average viewer wouldn't even notice unless their're told and really look for it.
In fact in some cases, rougher lines may be better as a style choice.

Kinda like comparing early Dragonball Super with the older DBZ. In the earliest seasons of super, you really noticed they've switched to drawing digitally, and all of a sudden, the linework looked squeeky clean.
And it actually kinda bothered me how slick the linework looked. Cause I was used to all of the rough lines the character had, when all of those blonde space-asians were beating the crap out of eachother.

Thanks for the thorough feedback! The DBZ comparison is actually pretty good. Haven't watched Super yet, but I've seen enough shared around to know what you mean, thanks!